List Of Death In Scream 5

# Name Cause of Death Killer
1. George Morgan Stabbed in back in 10 time Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
2. Shenae Louis Stabbed in the chest then in heart Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
3. Shaun Myers Killed in car accident when Hayley McDonald and her friends went to school. Hayley McDonald {Accident}
4. Tina Sheldon As stabbed in chest and a killer push her off the root and break her head. Ghostface {Marlena Cuoco}
5. Dewey Riley Stabbed ten times in the stomach,then gutted,and finally stabbed in the heart. Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
6. Ray Chayhill Stabbed in the chest. Ghostface {Marlena Cuoco}
7. Marnie Waston got pushed off Pushed of balcony. Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
8. Kyle Kessler Stabbed in heart Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
9. Daniel Bowen Stabbed in shoulder then in back 4 time Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
10. Sophie Campbell Stabbed in back 12 time Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
11. Alice Nightingale Alice was grabbed from her throat by Marlena then Marlena push Alice in tractor harrows then stabbed in throat. The next morning Dewey Riley, Gale Weathers, Sidney Prescott, Kirby Reed, everybody and the news team found Alice,s body in tractor harrows. Ghostface {Marlena Cuoco}
12. Gale Weathers She fell from the second story window,captured by Ghostface,then stabbed multiple times in the heart,chest,and had her throat slit. Ghostface {Judd Roberts}
13. LaMarr Edwards Stabbed in back Ghostface {Marlena Cuoco}
14. Kirby Reed Stabbed in back 7 time Ghostface {Marlena Cuoco}
15. Kim Perkins Shot in heart when Kim save Hayley McDonald get not shot. Dies in Hayley,s arm. Judd Roberts
16. Marlena Cuoco Shot in heart. Judd Roberts
17. Judd Roberts Shot in shoulder then shot in heart. Sidney Prescott