Cman710 Presents SCREAM 4 is a 2011 fan-fiction created by Cman710, and is a remake of the events of the real "SCREAM 4". This is a FAN REMAKE and only uses characters and some events from the real thing, as well as early drafts.

It was released on the Ultimate Scream Message Board on November 18th, 2011. And was followed by both SCREAM 5 on December 22nd, 2011 and SCREAM 6 on February 11th, 2012. A further sequel, SCREAM 7, was released on May 25th, 2012.

In 2017, Cman710 went on to announce a fourth sequel to start a sequel trilogy, SCREAM 8, was in the works for a release early in 2018. The release was later pushed back to the summer.



Ten years after the Hollywood Murders of SCREAM 3, Sidney Prescott returns to her hometown of Woodsboro. There, she reconnects with fellow survivors Dewey and Gale Riley, who now have a foster son, Trevor Sheldon, and her little cousin, Jill. Unfortunately, her return also brings about the return of GHOSTFACE. With Jill and Trevor as targets, a whole new generation is about to experience the nightmare that is The Ghostface Killer.



Jill's dead-end

Jill after being murdered.

The script opens a day proceeding Sidney's return to Woodsboro, and very similarly to the opening of SCREAM. Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) answers a threatening phone call for the "Eighth Time Tonight", which she and her friend Olivia Morris (Marielle Jaffe), see as little more than a poor attempt at a prank. After being terrorized for several minutes, Olivia is tied and gagged to a chair, and Jill is forced to play a game of horror trivia for her life. Jill loses, and tries to free Olivia, but Olivia is only brutally gutted in front of her eyes.


The Scream 4 Title Card

Jill is chased through her home by the Ghostface killer. But though she is eventually able to escape the house through the front door, she is stabbed in the back and weakened. After tying a noose around her neck, the Ghostface killer finishes her offf, gutting her, and hanging her from a tree a la Casey Becker, where her Mother, Kate Roberts (Mary McDonnell) is horrified to discover her body.

The title card then comes on screen, lingering for a few moments before the real events of the script begin.


Trevor receives a late night vist from Jenny Randall.

We are quickly introduced to Trevor Sheldon (Nico Tortorella) similarly to the introduction of Sidney Prescott in SCREAM, as he's writing a paper for an unspecified class. His late night session is quickly interrupted by Jenny Randlall (Aimee Teegarden), who attempts to seduce Trevor, and whose presence has become a nuicance in his life, as she ruined his relationship with Jill.

Trevor manages to get rid of her, but soon has to get ready for school, much to his chargin. We are re-introduced to Gale Riley (Courtney Cox) and Sheriff Dewey Riley (David Arquette) who have become Trevor's Foster Parents following the mysterious murders of his parents three years prior. After Trevor leaves for school, Dewey is informed over the radio that something horrible has gone down at The Roberts House, and rushes off.

Meanwhile Sidney Precott (Neve Campbell) returns to Woodsboro for a book signing along with publicist, Bette Conners (Alison Brie). They soon find that the signing is attended by no one, until Dewey drags them both out, explaining what has happened. Sidney is horrified, and is the first to realize that Trevor could very easily be a target if it's starting again.

Meanwhile, Trevor, who has been taken out of school by his Father's deputy, Judy Hicks (Marley Shelton) along with one of his best friend's Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettierre). Trevor recieves a vicious phone call, and is not long after attacked within the Riley Household. Trevor barely manages to survive his encounter, being nearly stabbed through the heart.


Sidney and Trevor discuss the murders and fame.

Following the attack on Trevor, Sidney recieves a phone call from Ghostface as well, warning her to stay out of his way, and informing her that she's a thing of the past. Later that night, while Sidney is staying at the Riley Household, she fires Bette after a bitter spat, and Bette is viciously killed by Ghostface just outside of the home in a bitter rage.

Trevor recieves yet another visit from Jenny while he hangs out with his friends. Jenny, having realized, his feelings are for Kirby, accepts that he'll never love her and leaves despite being asked to join them. Sidney watches the scene, and expresses pride in Trevor's kindness. Yet lends the advice that you should never date anyone who climbs through your bedroom window.

The next morning, Trevor, Kirby, Jenny, and their remaining friends: Robbie Mercer (Erik Knudsen), Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin), and Rebecca Wang (Jenna Ushcowitz) gather around the Fountain and discuss the murders. They come to an agreement that they are in the middle of a horror reboot moments before Charlie is brought in for questioning after his phone is revealed to have been used to call Bette moments before her death.

151px-N 103

Trevor at the Cinema Club Meeting

The students are let out of their classes early, and at Cinema Club, a now released Charlie reveals that they are moving their STAB movie marathon, or STAB-A-THON, to the next day. Trevor attempts to convince them it's what the killer probably wants, but Charlie refuses to concede to what he believes to be Trevor's paranoia. And goes along with his plans anyway. After he insults Trevor, he decks Charlie in the face and leaves.

Meanwhile, a second call to Trevor confirms that his parents are indeed the reasoning behind the new killing spree, much to his horror. Sidney, coming off of a date with one of Dewey's deputies, Ross Hoss (Adam Brody), unknowingly provokes Ghostface into making her a target as well.

Sidney is brought to the home of Kate Roberts by Judy Hicks soon after. Kate, who had earlier slapped her in resentment for Jill's death, proceeds to warn Sidney about an unknown scandall surounding Trevor's parents. Though she has no idea what it was, she can only tell Sidney that the police were involved. She is soon after murdered before Sidney and Judy's eyes.

Meanwhile, Trevor, who has just come off of losing his virginity to Kirby within his bedroom, gets a call from a frantic Rebecca that the STAB-A-THON has already started. Realizing that the patterns and sequence events nearly word-for-word follow the original STAB movie, Trevor and Kirby rush to STAB-A-THON in an attempt to save their friends.


Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer break down the rules.

Once there, Trevor and Kirby find Jenny and warn her that they've come to realize this is a remake rather than a reboot. Trevor receives a taunting phone call, and he quickly has Jenny go and find the others. They then search for Robbie and Charlie, but find them moments later on the stage. There, the pair give the rules to surviving a horror movie reboot/remake, and start the STAB-A-THON.

Sidney, Hoss, Hoss's partner, Anthony Perkins (Anthony Anderson), and Dewey all catch onto it as well. (Gale is already at STAB-A-THON with Rebecca) Upon discovering that Trevor has snuck out, they themselves rush to the scene. On the way, Sidney is made to play a deadly game of trivia herself, which results in the deaths of Charlie Walker and Judy Hicks, as well as a vicious attack on Rebecca Wang. The latter of which manages to clear out the party.


Kirby plays a game of horror trivia for the lives of herself, Jenny, and Robbie

Upon arrival at the STAB-A-THON, Dewey rushes off to find Gale, Perkins is stabbed in the forehead, Hoss is shot through the heart, and Sidney herself is viciously attacked, and then left for dead. Along with multiple teens that stood in Ghostface's way.

Kirby enters the barn in a frantic hurry, finding both Robbie and Jenny tied to chairs. She gets a phone call and is forced to answer two questions: One for their lives, an one for hers. She fails to do so, and both are viciously murdered. Kirby herself attempts to escape, but is quickly dragged back, screaming.

9 y71a8

Judy, still dressed as Ghostface, subdues Trevor.

All alone, Trevor enters the barn, and is soon attacked by JENNY RANDALL and JUDY HICKS, whom both faked their deaths, and reveal themselves to be the killers as well as sisters. Jenny reveals a startling connection to be their motive: Trevor's parents were in fact, a pair of serial killers, and one of their victims was, in fact, their Father. Judy's motive turns out to simply be that Trevor played wtih Jenny's emotions, and broke her heart.

Hoss shows up moments before Judy can finish Trevor off, revealing he wore a bulletproof vest. Hoss and Judy have a standoff which Judy wins by threatening to shoot Trevor. Jenny suddenly, and unexpectedly, turns on Judy and shoots her, revealing she had always been a "means to an end". She attempts to take up a deal with Hoss and Trevor, stating that they can all share the fame if they'll just let her have the spotlight. Trevor refuses, resulting in her shooting him in the chest.

Hoss manages to distract Jenny long enough for a still alive KIRBY to kill Jenny from behind using a pitchfork. Satisfied it's over, Kirby and Hoss go to attend to an also still alive SIDNEY when Judy rises up for one last scare. She's only met to a bullet through the head delt by TREVOR, who proves himself as the new lead by stating "Sorry Judy, but there are no final scares in MY movie.". An exhausted Trevor mentions to Kirby that he hopes their next date will be less eventful.

Screen shot 2012-04-06 at 3.17.12 PM

Trevor Sheldon is swarmed upon by reporters awaiting a statement

The survivors are all brought to ambulances for medical attention (with the exception of Hoss, who is unharmed), and REBECCA WANG is revealed to survive her own attack.

Trevor is brought out last, with Dewey and Gale by his side, and is met by a swarm of reporters. After finally working up the courage to call Dewey and Gale his Mom and Dad, he bravely faces the reporters. Upon being asked if he thinks the nightmare is over, express his thoughts on the fact that he hopes it is, because "Most sequels suck ass anyway".

Trevor is lifted into an ambulance as another round of questions begins, and the movie ends with the ambulance driving away from the bloody scene.


  • NEVE CAMPBELL as Sidney Prescott
  • DAVID ARQUETTE as Dewey Riley
  • COURTNEY COX as Gale Riley
  • EMMA ROBERTS as Jill Roberts: The Casey Becker character of the film. Sidney's cousin and ex-girflfriend of Trevor who is the reasoning behind Judy's motive.
  • NICO TORTORELLA as Trevor Sheldon: Dewey and Gale's Foster Son. The new lead of the Scream franchise and the new version of Sidney Prescott, his parents murderous backstory continue to carry the second trilogy.
  • HAYDEN PANETTIERRE as Kirby Reed: Trevor's eventual girlfriend, fountainhead of pop culture, Randy 2.0.
  • MARIELLE JAFFE as OLIVIA MORRIS: Fellow opening victim along with Jill, a Steven Orth 2.0 with the personality of Tatum Riley.
  • ERIK KNUDSEN as Robbie Mercer: Trevor's movie-savvy best friend and confident, he's the TATUM RILEY to Trevor's SIDNEY PRESCOTT, but is very akin to Kenny Jones of the original at the same time.
  • RORY CULKIN as CHARLIE WALKER: Presidnet of the Cinema Club, former best friend of Trevor, top suspect when the murders begin, likens himself to Randy, but is more like Cotton Weary.
  • JENNA USCHOWITZ as Rebecca Wang: Editor of the Woodsboro High Gazette, a Gale 2.0, but with more of a heart to her.
  • AIMEE TEEGARDEN as Jenny Randall: The primary antagonist of SCREAM 4 and main Ghostface killer. A girl obsessed with Trevor for more than an attraction as originally implied, as her Father was one of his parents MANY victims.
  • ALISON BREE as BETTE CONNERS: Sidney's publicist, a complete vain and cold bitch. Hero worships Gale Weathers.
  • MARLEY SHELTON as DEPUTY JUDY HICKS: The second Ghostface killer and antagonist of Scream 4. A creepy cop who dated Randy in the past, secretly, is the sister of Jenny Randall.
  • ADAM BRODY as Deputy Ross Hoss: A young Dewey Riley-type, goofy and fun-loving, the object of Sidney Prescott's affections.
  • ANTHONY ANDERSON as DEPUTY ANTHONY PERKINS: An older, more seasoned partner of Deputy Hoss, a bit of a jerk.
  • MARY MCDONELL as Kate Roberts: Aunt of Sidney, Mother of Jill. A housewife who has had to deal with divorce, and now the loss of her Daughter. Blames Trevor for the latter.


Cman710 initially stated SCREAM 4 to be a stand-alone project. But was quick to announce SCREAM 5 was indeed in the works soon after. He released his sequel SCREAM 5 on December 22nd, 2011. It was followed by a second sequel, SCREAM 6 on February 12th, 2012.

A prequel, to be titled, GHOSTFACE, was briefly considered, but canceled before planning could even begin. And Cman710 later announced that his "SCREAM 6" would be his final Scream script, having already written eight of them by then.

On May 7th, 2012, a third and most likely final sequel, SCREAM 7 was announced to be currently being written. It was released later that month.

A sequel trilogy to the original franchise was later announced in 2017. SCREAM 8 will be released sometime in 2018 with a Scream 9 and Scream 10 to follow.


Poster made by Billy_Dohetry of USMB!


  • This was the first of a new trilogy of scripts written by Cman710. Whom had written five Scream scripts in the past.
  • For a time, Kirby Reed and Robbie Mercer were considered to be the killers and psychotic partners.
  • Prior to release, Cman710 played up the role of Jill Roberts in the script as the lead, as to make her being the opening kill all the more shocking. Very much like how Casey Becker was played up as the lead of SCREAM.
  • This script re-introduced the idea of Bette and Rebecca being separate characters.