CMAN710 presents SCREAM 5 is a 2011 fan-fiction and sequel to Cman710's remake of "SCREAM 4". It does NOT follow the events of the actual SCREAM 4. It was released to the Ultimate Scream Message Boards on December 22nd, 2011.



A year after the second Woodsboro murder spree, life has returned to a state of normalcy for Trevor Riley. Attending UNLV alongside girlfriend, Kirby Reed, he finally believes he can get on with his life at last. That is, until Ghostface begins to carve his way through the college campus, and this time, he's out for more than just blood.



Scream 4 ghost face blood1

Ghostface taunts Ryan in the bathroom stall.

The script opens on the opening night of STAB 8 at the Red Rock Hotel & Casino. Ryan and Jake Cromwell (Steven R. McQueen and Ricky Ullman) along with their dates, Jessica Wright (Gillian Zinzer) and Monica Ross (Leah Pipes) attend the event. They find themselves stunned at the lack of excitement at the night. But soon get what they want in a less than pleasant way as both Ryan and Jake are dispatched in a grizzly manner.

To add fuel to the fire, Jessica brutally murders Monica just before the opening credits of STAB 8 roll, revealing herself to be in on their murders. She exits the theater, and is met by her partner. Who then proceeds to backstab her by murdering her himself, leaving her to take the fall for the murders.

Scream 5 Title Card

The SCREAM 5 title card

A pumpkin then appears on screen, and the title is carved into it like a Jack-O-Lantern to form the title card.

We are then re-introduced to Trevor Riley (Nico Tortorella) now a Freshman at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, his girlfriend, Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettierre), and introduced to his roommate Wayne Cross (Quinton Aaron). After a brief conversation in their dorm, Trevor walks Kirby to class, and is met by Ricky Coleman (Josh Hutcherson) and Ronnie Queen (Amanda Bynes), who inform Trevor of the murders the night before.

A distraught Trevor is met by close friend, Deputy Ross Hoss (Adam Brody), who informs him the news has already made its way to himself, girlfriend, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) and Trevor's adoptive mother, Gale Riley (Courtney Cox). Trevor attempts to insist that it's very unlikely anything will become of it. Only to be informed by Trevor that Jessica comitted at least one murder, and a Ghostface mask was left at the scene.


Matthew gently mocks Trevor during the classroom scene

Trevor makes his way to his Film Theory class, wherein the students, including Cassie Lauren (Shenae Grimes) and Matthew Reese (Zac Efron), as well as teacher Carter North (David Giuntolli) discuss the murders and their relation to STAB. The general consensus, being that it's very close to Halloween, is that the killer is working upon the rules of a holiday-themed slasher movie.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Wang (Jenna Ushcowitz), now a reporter, arrives on the scene to get an interview with Trevor. She is met by Gale, and the two get into an altercation, which is broken apart by Sidney and Jerry, who has come against Hoss's wishes. The three arrive just in time to see the aftermath of an attack on Trevor within the UNLV library, an altercation Trevor yet again barely escapes with his life. Following it, Sidney gets a call and is given the revelation that her role is far from over, as is her Mother's.


Cassie moments before being chased and killed by Ghostface

A few hours later, Cassie, who is watching her sorority house while a party is going on, and her friend Amy Rhodes (AJ Michalka) is out on a date, gets threatening phone calls. The killer viciously and brutally attacks and butchers her in the house. Elsewhere, Trevor visits his Chrisis Counselor, Kyle Richards (Jamie Dornan), who attempts to convince Trevor he's a fighter, not unlike Mr. Gold did with Sidney in Scream 2.

The survivors, including Dewey Riley (David Arquette) meet up, and talk over their next course of action, as well as attempt to piece together what the killer's motive most likely could be. After they hit a dead end, Trevor and Kirby leave back to UNLV, and Rebecca is viciously murdered in front of Gale whilst they prepare to hunt down the killer.

A distraught Matthew visits Trevor the next morning, and is revealed to also come from Woodsboro, having dated Rebecca Wang. Fearing for his friend, Trevor promises to make sure he remains innocent in the eyes of the police. The remaining students meet in the courtyard as Hoss spies on them. They discuss the upcoming indoor amusement park, The Adventure Dome's Halloween Fright Dome Party. Realizing this is likely where the killer will take the finale. Kirby and Ricky proceed to reveal that if it's a holiday-themed slasher, there are NO rules.


Kirby searches for a missing Tammy

Later, Amy, Ronnie, and Ronnie's Roommate Tammy Call (Amanda Seiyfreid), all meet up in the sitting room of the dorms. There, they discuss the recent murders, and their fears in regards to them. Ronnie and Matthew have an encounter, wherin Matthew successfully asks her out on a date. Later, Kirby and Tammy meet up in the laundry room, and Tammy as well as a bystander are murdeered as Kirby is chased, and narrowily escapes.

Trevor is moved into his parents condo, where Kirby and Wayne meet him and convince him to continue to fight back. All three go and meet with Carter, who is revealed as an old friend of Trevor's Dad's and are encouraged to explore his Father's old house in town. Sidney and Jerry meanwhile meet with Kyle, looking for answers through Trevor's therapy. They find out their Mother, Maureen Prescott vistied the Sheldon's for an unknown reason when Trevor was too young to remember.

Trevor and Kirby arrive at the old Sheldon home, where Trevor is teased and taunted by Ghostface via phone-call. He discovers that there is something in a desk within his Father's room, but before he can find out what, he is suddenly attacked by two Ghostface's at once. After fighting his way out of the house, he makes it to the car, only to find Kirby brutally butchered, and gutted in the driver's seat.


The entrance to the Fright Dome

Trevor returns to the condo, where he learns that Gale plans to attend the Fright Dome's STAB: The Ride opening, much to his chargin. The next night, while under "house arrest" Trevor talks to Matthew via-phone and decides to sneak out to the Fright Dome in order to fight back. To his surprise, Hoss, Dewey, Sidney and Jerry all agree to go with him.

At the Fright Dome, Wayne and Ronnie, who have been in a relationship behind Ricky (who was dating Amy)'s back, are butchered, and gutted in a way similar to Casey Becker and Steven Orth. Trevor and the others arrive at the Fright Dome, just in time to meet up with Ricky. Sidney, Jerry, Hoss, and Dewey notice Ghostface at the top of a staircase, and make their way up just as Ghostface murders another bystander, and causes a riot in the Fright Dome.

Trevor and Ricky are quickly seperated, and Dewey is attacked by Ghostface, who proceeds to attack Sidne and Hoss, critically injuring Hoss, and knocking Sidney unconcious. Trevor is taunted through a loudspeaker as he makes his way through a STAB-themed haunted house. There, he finds the body of most of his friends, as well as Carter North.


A completely psychotic Ricky Coleman reveals himself as Gale's killer.

After being taunted to the center of the park, Trevor confronts Ghostface. But as Ghostface pulls a gun on him, Gale gets in the way, taking the bullet for him, right to the heart. She dies in his arms, and an enraged Trevor demands to know his identity. The killer unmasks himself as RICKY COLEMAN, who has grown tired of the new generation, and Trevor's attempts to "replace" Sidney (this was also Jessica's motive)

His partner then comes up with Matthew at gunpoint, revealing himself as KYLE RICHARDS, who corrects Trevor and introduces himself as KYLE HICKS, the older brother of Jenny and Judy. His motive is revenge upon Trevor for the deaths of his sisters and for what his parents did. After taunting Ricky, Matthew is brutally stabbed, and the killers plan their next move. Trevor manages to turn them against each other briefly before Kyle stabs Ricky.


"You won alright, you won a one way trip straight to HELL. Enjoy your stay!"

Trevor's distraction proves to have given Matthew time to escape, and in a struggle, Trevor throws himself and Kyle over the side of the platforms railing, a tarp breaking their fall. Sidney is attacked by a still-alive Ricky, who is soon shot once in the head and chest by Matthew, killing him finally.

Trevor takes refuge in a STAB 2 themed haunted house with a critically injured Ronnie. He convinces her to escape as Kyle chases him to the stage area recreation. Trevor smashes the fire glass behind him, and Kyle shoots his gun, but is out of bullets. Trevor than proceeds to hack at him with a fire axe before smashing his face in with it.


The final shot of SCREAM 5

Later, Sidney, Ronnie, Matthew, and Hoss are loaded into an ambulance, all barely having survived their attacks. Trevor and Dewey find a swarm of reporters waiting for them, as well as rioters who want Trevor out of the town. Dewey tries to tell Trevor they can go out the back way, but Trevor refuses to give them the satisfaction, and walks through the massive crowd of people.

Elsewhere, at the former Sheldon Home, someone uses a key to open the desk Trevor failed to open earlier. Inside, the unknown figure pulls out ADOPTION PAPERS, and smiles wickedly just before the credits roll. Leaving us with yet another mystery left to answer for SCREAM 6.


  • JAMIE DORNAN as Kyle Richards/Kyle Hicks
  • Anthony rogers as Anthony riley


A sequel, SCREAM 6 was released on February 11th, 2012.


Awesome poster created by basscraze of USMB! The awesome title card was made by Illusionhead/Car of USMB! Finally, that awesome pic of Trevor and the axe was made by ItsMeBilly/Derek of USMB!


  • This script made The Trevor Trilogy the third fan-fiction series Cman710 has writen that was taken to his current place of residence, Las Vegas.
  • This is the second "Fifth Chapter" that Cman has not used the "Fifth Chapter" rules/storyline, the first being Scream 5: Retrebution, which covered "Final Chapters".
  • This has the second highest number of survivors die, only surpassed by Scream 6, which had five survivors bite it.
  • Though Cman710 stated this was the closest that his readers would get to a holiday based slasher by him, a year later, he would write a reboot of Halloween.
  • The only Scream to contain three killers.
  • The only Scream where one of the killers dies in the opening scene.