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CMAN710 presents SCREAM 6 is a fan-fiction sequel to SCREAM 4 and SCREAM 5 and is the third entry of Cman710's Scream Saga. This follows off his SCREAM 4 (2011) and SCREAM 5 (2011) and does not follow the series canon.



Three years after the UNLV Massacre, Trevor Riley has graduated from college, and is returning home, for good. There to greet him is a survivors reunion, a friendly get-together for those effected by Ghostface. But when two of their own are murdered, they instead find themeselves entangled in the mystery of an enigmatic message left for them in blood: "He Had Secrets Too".




The opening crime scene

Murphy Carter (Portia De Rossi) arrives in Woodsboro for a survivor's reunion, arriving at a condo only to be greeted by her ex-best friend, Lois Kline (Rebecca Gayheart). The two's already frustrating night only becomes worse with increasingly more threatening and disturbing phone calls from someone using the Ghostface voice. Soon after, the power goes out and Lois is brutally murdered.

Murphy is chased through the condo, but eventually cornered in her bedroom, where she is viciously attacked by Ghostface whilst another one records it. Now Sheriff Ross Hoss (Adam Brody) rushes to the scene, following a call to 9-1-1, but is horrified to find the body of Lois and Murphy, both strewn out for all to see. The killer leaves behind a single, crudely written message in blood: "HE HAD SECRETS TOO".

Scream 6 Logo 2

The title card for SCREAM 6

The title card comes on screen, smeared onto it by blood.

Trevor Riley (Nico Tortorella), his new girlfriend, Carmen Leeds (Naturi Naughton), and his adoptive Father, Dewey Riley (David Arquette) have breakfast, and discuss Trevor's reasoning of returning to Woodsboro. Which ends up being to finally begin his police training. Their breakfast is interrupted by Sidney Hoss (Neve Campbell), now wife to the Sheriff.

Sidney and Trevor catch up, and Trevor at last introduces them to Carmen. The three have a lengthy talk, but Hoss arrives and informs Trevor of both murders. Trevor and Sidney are brought downtown and met by Ronnie Queen (Amanda Bynes) and Matthew Reese (Zac Efron), both of whom are visibly startled by the events that have taken place.

Across the way, a group of young adutls are gathered around the iconic fountain. The group consists of Marnie Cooper (Britt Robertson), Daniel Hoss (Luke Benward), Martin Meeks (Tony Oller), Rocky Bell (Emma Bell), Zack Dillon (Brandon T. Jackson), and Jamie Rosen (Julianna Guil). The group talk about the current murders, and conclude that it's the start of another massacre. Whereas her friends choose to avoid him, Marnie, along with Zack, head over to talk to Trevor as they see him exit the station.

After being talked to by Hoss, Trevor, Ronnie, and Matthew talk over what took place, and the posibility that a greater mastermind is behind everything. After a brief reunion with Marnie and Zack, Trevor stalks away with the promise he'll be at her house for a movie night.

Trevor and Carmen then go back to his childhood home, where they are met by Trevor's estranged uncle, Raymond Sheldon (John Stamos). The man attempts, with force, to work things out with Trevor, but is stopped by Mark Kincaid (Patrick Dempsey) who is also in town for the reunion. He convinces Trevor and Carmen to leave, due to his distrust of the man.

Safe image

Martin, hiding, moments before his death.

Later that night, following a trip to the Graveyard to pay respects, Trevor recieves a threatening phone call, in which he is told that Ghostface's next target is Martin. He plans to go and save his friend, but never makes it in time. As Martin is brutally and viciously attacked, as well as lit on fire within the Blockbuster at which he and Jamie worked.

Meanwhile, the iconic fountain is OBLITERATED for all to see. A horrified Hoss asks his most trusted deputy, Michael Thompson (Steve Valentine) to put a 24-hour protection on both Trevor, Sidney and Jerry. Meanwhile, the rest of the young adults are relaxing at Marnie's house when Matthew is called by Trevor and informed of what took place, he and Ronnie leave the house, but are called by Ghostface, and told to bring a file he's left out for them.

Bringing the file back to the Riley Household, the group of survivors, along with Carmen discover the adoption papers glimpsed at the end of SCREAM 5. To their horror, they discover that Trevor's parents were also the ADOPTIVE parents of Roman Bridger. Trevor has a bit of a brekdown, and Sidney is called, and taunted over the matter. In an attempt to help, Dewey gives Trevor a DVD that Kirby's parents said belonged to him, in hopes it may help.


Kirby gives the rules to surviving the finale to a horror legacy

The DVD contains a Randy-like podcast which explains what the rules now are, those of a HORROR MOVIE LEGACY, and therefore, the end of the STAB franchise itself. The group realises that this time around, the nightmare is only going to get worse from here on out.

Meanwhile, Jamie returns home, where it is revealed she is in fact the daughter of Raymond, and therefore Trevor's cousin. After getting a threatening phone call, she warns her Dad, but he only tells her to run next door and get help. As she does this, Raymond, and his wife, Renne, are brutally murdererd. The scene is overseen by Hoss, Thompson, and Dewey, who has now brought himself back on the force as a deputy to help solve the murders, and becomes Thompson's partner.

After a meeting with the rest of the young adults, Trevor receives another phone call, and realizes there is MUCH more to the story than they know. He, Carmen, and Jamie return to his old home, and bust open a secret room. There, they learn that Maureen knew what Roman was going through, and even wrote him regulary. But most of all, and most disturbing of all, they discover the meaning behind the killer's message---

Roman had a son, and his son is TREVOR.

The survivors (Minus Ronnie and Matthew) regroup back at the Hoss Household to discuss the turn of events. Trevor and Sidney share a heart-to-heart, and decide to take the killer down together. As this is happening, Matthew and Ronnie are terrorised in their own home, and both killed brutally and without any sense of mercy.


Sidney gets called again

Meanwhile, Sidney and Ross's nephew, Daniel, sneaks out of the house, and Mark, who is coming by the house is killed. Sidney gets a phone call, and she, Trevor, Carmen, and Jamie are chased in the house, but manage to escape.

Meanwhile, a gathering in rememberence at Casey Becker's Household turns into a bloodbath. Resulting in the deaths of Daniel, Zack, Thompson, and Rocky. Marnie is kidnaped by Ghostface just moments before Trevor, Sidney, Hoss, Dewey, Carmen, and Jamie arrive. Dewey, still alive, but wounded informs him of where he has dropped his guns. Ordering the others to grab the guns, Trevor rushes towards the house, knowing the killer wants him alone.

Trevor manages to get in the house just in time to see Marnie get brutally tortured and murdered in a chair. He and the killer fight, and he manages to knock his mask off, revealing ZACK DILLON. Who reveals himself to have been in on the events of the trilogy, but refuses to admit to being the mastermind, by having no motive other than sociopathy. Hoss suddenly appears at the door, but simply shakes his head and collapses with a knife in the back.

The mastermind is revealed to be KATE ROBERTS, who faked her death, and has in fact been behind it from day one. As it turns out Maureen was driven to slam the door shut in Roman's face because of Trevor indirectly. As he murdered Trevor's Mother and her parents and told Maureen in one of his letters. Her fear of him is what caused her to slam the door in his face, and start the Ghostface murder spree. Ever since, Kate has blamed Trevor for what happened and attempted to end his life as compensation for the loss of Maureen.


"I forgive you... Now rot in HELL."

Just as Kate is about to kill Trevor; Sidney, Dewey, Carmen, and Jamie appear and surround them in an ambush. Jamie is wounded by a stab to the chest, and Sidney proceeds to attack Zack, Carmen is ordered to suck and get help, and Trevor and Kate begin to fight to the death. Sidney, Jerry and Denise manage to stab Zack in the head, killing him, but Trevor fares less well.

Trevor and Kate have a long, extremely brutal fight-to-the-death. It ends with a weakened Kate trying to fein feeling remorse for her actions. Trevor, after seeing her reaching for her knife, realizes she is beyond help, and stabs her in the heart, therefore bringing an end to the legacy his Father started.

Dewey, Hoss, and Jamie, barely clinging to life are loaded into ambulances as Trevor and Carmen look on. They decide to go to the Hospital together, but Trevor goes back in the house to see if Sidney is okay. He and Sidney reflect on the past, and think to the future, deciding to face it together.

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 11.45.31 AM

Casey Becker's phone rings endlessly as the Sidney's story comes to an end.

As they turn to leave the home, a phone within the house rings. Only made more eerie by the fact that Casey's mother has refused for anything to be changed. Trevor and Sidney look at one another, but leave the home, and walk into a "future filled with endless possibilties".

We are then treated to one final shot, that of the same phone Casey Becker answered in 1996. It hauntingly continues to ring before the credits roll. Effectively bringing the Sidney‘s story full circle, and bringing it to an end with the same shot it began with.







Cman710's Scream 6 was followed by SCREAM 7 (2012).


Awesome Poster by ncseventeen/Zach of USMB! Equally awesome title card by Illusionhead/Car of USMB! And the also awesome pics of the crime scene and Trevor battle scarred were created by BillyDohetry of USMB!


  • Is the highest rated, and most critically acclaimed of Cman710's Scream Scripts.
  • The first script of Cman's that had an alternate killer in one of the endings released.


  • The opening takes place at "712 Witwicky Lane", this is a reference to Chris Witwicky/Stratos/Prime of the Chris Prime series. Writen in because at the time, the now canceled Transformers: The Rise of Deszaras, a sequel to "The Transformers" was said to be written next.
  • A character named "Tory" is briefly mentioned, a clear reference to Tory Jacob's of Cman's Kirby Reed scripts.
  • The reference to a prequel in the script was meant to allude to a prequel, to be titled GHOSTFACE that was in the works. The script was canceled before Scream 6 was ever completed, but the mention stays.


  • Several revelations were put into play in this script.
  1. As it turns out, Roman Bridger was in fact Roman Sheldon, the adopted son of Trevor's "parents".
  2. Maureen Prescott was aware of the Sheldon's activities and aware of what Roman was going through. But did nothing to help him. She wrote him frequently, however.
  3. Trevor Riley is in fact the son of Roman, and a girl named Catherine Bridger. When his Mother would not allow Roman to see Trevor, he murderered her family, finally having snapped. Roman then gave Trevor to his parents in fear he was more dangerous to him.
  • It is also revealed that Trevor's birth was the cause of the Scream franchise, going by the fact:
  1. Roman's murder of the Bridger's, and his letter telling so to his Mother, caused Marueen to slam the door in his face.
  2. This in turn, caused Roman to seek out Billy Loomis and reveal the affair to him. And thus, he killed Maureen.
  3. This, in turn, once Kate Roberts, her sister, discovered the truth, made her become unhinged.