New Ghostface. More brutal.

Running Time - 114 mins.


  1. Sidney Prescott - Neve Campbell
  2. Gale Weathers - Gale Weathers
  3. Dewey Riley - David Arquette
  4. Ashlee Rose - Amanda Seyfried
  5. Portia Wode - J.C. Brandy
  6. John Rico (Ghostface) - Robert Pattinson
  7. Cher Chord - Alicia Silverstone
  8. Amber Lentils - Logan Browning
  9. Chloe Smith - Skylar Shae
  10. John Smith - Dominic James
  11. Rachel Smith - Rosario Dawson
  12. Liam Smith - Carter Jenkins
  13. Kate Walker - Kelly Brook
  14. Jess Right - Dakota Fanning
  15. Lindsay Moan - Michelle Tractenberg
  16. Jim Carpenter - Rhys Wakefield
  17. Katie Klick - Kristen Stewart
  18. Sandra Fisher - Ashley Greene
  19. Laura Morris - Ginnifer Goodwin
  20. Sarah Morris - Tina Fey
  21. George Peterson - Thomas Dekker
  22. Zach Niel - Shane Dawson
  23. Ricky Parker - Justin Bieber
  24. Helena Fisher - Ellen Wroe
  25. Graham Fisher - Ashton Kutcher


Sarah Morris (TBA) us home alone waiting for her sister to arrive. She recieves a threatening call from Ghostface. Shortly after, Ghostface pops out, forgetting his knives. This makes Sarah thinks it's a joke, so he smacks a mirror onto her head.

He throws her into the cupboard, smashed into the front door, kicked onto the stairs, kicked back downstairs, smashed into the upstairs bath, cut by mirror shard of glass, smashed through window landing on the trampoline.

She tries to escape and locks herself in the shed. Ghostface runs outside with a kichen knife and attempts to get in. He stabs her in the stomach through the door and gets it open. Ghostface beats her around the shed but she escapes and goes into the laundry room, but she falls to the ground dead, from blood loss.

Meanwhile, her sister Laura, knocks on the door but hears no answer. She goes inside and sees blood up the stairs and hse follows it, leading to the bathroom. She is stabbed through the throat and thrown thorugh the bathroom window and lands next to the trampoline, dead.

The next morning, Portia Wide and her friends, Ashlee Rose, Kate Walker and Jess Right are walking to the shopping centre and meet up with John Rico, Portia's boyfriend.

Dewey arrives with Sidney to the Morris household where they find the dead bodies of Sarah and Laura. Theu suspect that it is Ghostface.

Meanwhile, Gale is watching the news about the murder of Sarah and Laura Morris and recieves a call from Ghostface. She calls the cops and Ghostface escapes.

The shopping girls, bump into Sandra Fisher and her friends, Cher Chord and Amber Lentils. Sandra bothers them but walks off. Sidney talks to Gale and comforts her until Sidney recieves a message from Ghostface.

At night, Sandra is sitting on her bed as her parents are about to leave to go out. Ghostface calls her so Sandra ries to escape, but he pops out and throws her into the cupboard. He stabs her in the chest while her parents are in their car and hear noises.

Ghostface throws her through the window which her body lands on her parents car and they shriek. Graham Fisher tries to hunt down Ghostface, but Ghostface has already fleed.

The next morning, everyone hears the news about Sandra's murder. Cher and Amber get really upset. George and Zach are sad too.

Sidney comes into classes to talk about the murders that have been going on. Many don't listen and think that Sidney plans the murders. Kate Klick and Lindsay Moan don't eveb pay any attention at all.

Gale talks to Dewey in his office because Dewey was called by Ghostface.

After school, Katie visits Lindsay's house and Katie gives her an acupuncture. Katie goes downstairs and is attacked by Ghostface. Ghostface stabs her in the chest and guts her.

He goes upstairs and Lindsay tries to escape, with the needles all over her body. Ghostface grabs her and slams her into the wall, causing the needles to puncture her brain and the rest of her body killing her.

Chloe and her family currently have Jess over. Jess gets called by John to come to Portia's house but she declines.

Later, Ghostface randomly bursts out from Chloe's bed and stabs Jess in the stomach and throws her into the drawers. Chloe screams but Ghostface stabs her deeply in the back and her body is thrown onto her dad.

Ghostface slashes the dad's throat five times and runs to Rachel. He stabs her in the chest and throws her over the stairs, falling to her death. Ghostface marches into Liam's room and bashes his head into the window, throws him into the drawers and guts him.

Ghostface walks out to find injured Jess trying to escape. He finishes her off by a stab to the eye. Police are reported to of heard the screaming of them and rush inside the house to find more dead bodies.

Dewey is annoyed that more death's have occoured. Portia and her friends run to the house but the police ask them to leave. They cry but Dewey moves them away.