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Featured Character

Angie Crick is the main antagonist of Scream 5 and was a girl from Sidney Prescott's class at Woodsboro High. She posed as a fictional actress named Angelina Tyler and reveals that she had faked her death and was Roman's accomplice in Scream 3.

Back in 1996, Angie was an odd girl at Woodsboro High who obsessed constantly over Sidney Prescott as her friend. Although, Sidney rejected her due to Angie's odd personality.

Four years later, Angie met Roman Bridger who she was in love with. Roman somehow managed to convince Angie into joining him in the third Ghostface killing spree. While Angie was posing as Angelina Tyler in Scream 3, she faked her death when Ghostface 'stabbed' her and dragged her body out of sight.

After discovering Roman's death, Angie wanted to avenge her love and planned out another killing spree in 2011. However, she found out that two students of Woodsboro High, Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker, started the fourth Ghostface killing spree in 2011. She decided to sit back and see what they could do. After hearing rumors about how Jill failed to kill Sidney, Angie knew that it was her turn to kill Sidney. She made a second alias named Melody Frost and posed as a teacher at Woodsboro High. READ MORE...

Featured Fanon Movie

Scream5 poster
SCREAM 5 is the 5th Scream installment in the franchise. 2 years after SCRE4M, Kirby works at a bar and as a receptionist at Woodsboro High, where her half brother goes to school. Another series of murders begin, and Gale, Dewey, Kirby, Sidney, Judy and Martha Meeks must stop the killer.

Two girls (Sloane and Olive) have worked a late shift at the cinema and are watching STAB 8 in advance. The film cuts off, and Sloane goes to check what has happenned. Olive hears screaming, but assumes some of the other workers are watching a different Horror movie. It turns out she was right, and Sloane goes into the projector room, where she sees a rolling camera. She gets a call from the killer who threatens to murder her, which he does silently, after the first Stab, the scene cuts back to Olive. She is calling out for Sloane, when the projector comes on, showing the rest of Sloane's murder. She is called by the killer, who says "ready for the rest?" when the killer grabs Olive and stabs her in the stomach. Olive crawls away to the door, where she is stabbed in the back. Ghostface stabs her in the mouth. She gurgles blood, and dies. The killer slashes and the titles come up.

Maya Cinderson and Jade Gold are about to leave work at blockbusters. They invited friends to watch STAB 6 in the back room. Jade wants to check the headlines before they leave. She turns on the news to see the news that Sloane and Olive were just killed and found by police 21 minutes ago. They begin to freak out at the fact a car was seen heading for blockbusters. They run to their cars and leave.



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